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Xiaomi Roborock S8 Saugroboter mit Wischfunktion und Doppelbürste schwarz

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Forget About Cleaning, Really.

Free your time and let Roborock S8 do the dirty work. Experience the next level of cleaning with our latest technology – DuoRoller Brush and VibraRise Mopping System. The smart cleaning experience has never been easier.

The Perfect Cleaning Duet

The all-new dual rubber brushes enhance vacuuming and ensure fewer hair tangles, taking hands-free cleaning to the next level. From hardwood to tiles, and even carpets and rugs, hair and dirt are easily swept away.

Hair? Dirt? Dust? Nowhere to Hide.

With the improved HyperForce suction power of 6000 Pa1, even the smallest particles can be sucked up effortlessly by the Roborock S8.

Level Up Your Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a breeze with Roborock Carpet Boost+ System that’ll leave your carpet mess-free from pet hair to bread crumbs.

How Roborock Carpet Boost+ system works
Roborock Carpet Boost+ System

  • Step 1: Using ultrasonic sound, the robot identifies the carpet with extraordinary accuracy.
  • Step 2: The mop lifts3 automatically and ensures not touching the carpet4 when cleaning.
  • Step 3: DuoRoller brush and increased suction power help remove messes from carpets more effectively, enabling a thorough and deep cleaning experience by cleaning the carpets twice.5

VibraRise Mopping System:
Mop with the Power of Sound3

Experience robot mopping like never before, with VibraRise sonic vibration technology that scrubs your floors not hundreds, but thousands of times per minute. 3,000 times per minute to be exact. Combined with consistently high pressure, the VibraRise system removes dried stains 30% more effectively than traditional robot mops and leaves less dirt behind than spinning mops.

Ready to Rise Up

Got carpets? Like freshly mopped floors? Perfect. Intelligent mop lifting means when a carpet is detected, the mop is lifted out the way. Now you can get mopped floors and vacuumed carpets in one single clean. No setting No-Mop-Zones. No swapping parts. No hassle. Just pure convenience.

Mop or Vacuum. No Hands Needed

When you want to mop, you don’t want to have to find and attach a mop cloth. Let alone the hassle of swapping your robot’s side brushes for mops. With VibraRise, you don’t have to. With a tap on your phone, you can switch from vacuuming to mopping and back as often as you like.

Keep Clean Areas Clean

If you’ve got beautifully cleaned living room floors but your kitchen needs to be mopped, do you want that kitchen dirt dragged across your living room? No. Using VibraRise, you can mop your kitchen and only your kitchen. Afterward, the robot will lift the mop and cruise back to its dock, leaving floors spotless.

Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance:
Smart Enough to Stay Out of Troubles

With 3D structured light and infrared imaging technology, Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance system can help the robot vacuum identify and avoid potential hazards on the floors, in both bright and dark rooms, bringing you a worry-free cleaning experience.

*Light beam is for visual purposes only, the Reactive 3D obstacle avoidance system emits invisible light in realtime use.

Customizable App Features
Total Control Is a Tap Away

Map Quicker, Clean Faster

Experience fast and effective cleaning as your robot vacuum can create a map up to 6 times faster9 before the first cleaning task and can clean your daily area 30% faster10 when needed.

Smart Suggestions for No-Go Zones

Automatically detects easy-to-get-stuck places and suggests No-Go Zones to prevent your robot vacuum from getting caught in small spaces. You can also draw Invisible Walls that block certain areas from your robot vacuum’s entry in the Roborock App.

Custom Cleaning Routines

Decide on your time when the robot vacuum cleans with custom cleaning schedules, and set cleaning routines for particular areas in the house regularly or on demand.

3D Mapping

The 3D Map allows you to accurately build your house virtually. And with the ability to add furniture, you can create the most detailed map of your house, ensuring that you get the best possible cleaning.

Multi-level Mapping System

Have a house with more than one floor? Multi-level mapping automatically recognizes distinct levels of your home. All you have to do is put the robot down. No additional docks or app identification is needed. Up to four floors supported.

*App interface is subject to change without notice.

Off-Peak Charging

You can choose off-peak times to charge to save on power as well as the costs of using peak-time electricity.

1. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer according to IEC 62885-2:2016 / 5.8 standards, using Max+ mode with a full battery. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.
2. Compared to Roborock S7. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.
3. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer, the mop module can be lifted up to 5mm.
4. Automatic mop lifting is only suitable for low-pile carpets not higher than 4mm. Alternatively, you can select avoid mode on the carpet settings in the Roborock and Mi Home App.
5. To clean the carpet twice, select deep mode on the carpet settings in the Roborock and Mi Home App.
6. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer. The term relates to the integrated mop module being able to be driven to produce high-speed reciprocating vibration of up to 3000 times/min, i.e. up to a frequency of 50Hz which is within a “sonic” range (20 to 20,000Hz).
7. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.
8. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer, the S8 can see and bypass objects down to as small as 5cm wide, and 3cm tall. Recognition accuracy may vary depending on environmental factors.
9. Compared to Clean & Mapping mode. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.
10. Compared to standard cleaning route mode. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.


  • DuoRoller Brush
  • Sensient Sensor Array
  • HyperForce Suction
  • Customizable App Control
  • VibraRise Mopping System
  • Adaptive Route Algorithms
  • PreciSense LiDAR Navigation
  • Child Lock
  • Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance
  • Voice Control


  • Volume (Balanced Mode): 68.5dB
  • Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Suitable Area: up to 300¡3
  • Rated Power: 69W
  • Dustbin Volume: 400ml
  • Water Tank Capacity: 300ml
  • Suction: 6000Pa
  • Runtime: 180 minutes (Quiet Mode)
  • Dimensions: 350*353*96.5mm
  • High-speed sonic mopping
  • Automatic mop lifting
  • Ultrasonic carpet sensing
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Electric water tank
  • Adaptive Route Algorithm
  • Selective Room Cleaning
  • LDS Laser Navigation
  • High Precision Map
  • Map Saving
  • Zone Cleanup
  • Real-Time Robot Location
  • App Control
  • Voice Control
  • Mopping Function
  • Auto-Recharge
  • Top-Up Charging
  • Over-The-Air Upgrades
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Voice Pack
  • Washable Dustbin
  • Washable E11 Air Filter

Specifiche tecniche


  • Tipo di contenitore della polvere: Senza sacchetto
  • Colore del prodotto: Nero
  • Forma: Rotondo
  • Comandato a distanza:
  • Supporto smartphone da remoto:


  • Lavaggio a umido:
  • Capacità polvere (totale): 0,4 L
  • Capacità tanica acqua: 0,3 L
  • Funzione di programmazione:
  • Tipo di restrizione del movimento: Applicazione generata
  • Margine inferiore rullo:
  • Ritorno alla stazione base automatico:
  • Rilevamento ostacoli:
  • Wi-Fi:
  • Banda di frequenza: 2.4 GHz
  • tipo di pennello: Spazzola a rullo
  • Sensori integrati: Laser
  • Tipo di navigazione: Laser Distance Sensor (LDS)
  • Emissione acustica: 68,5 dB
  • Modalità silenzioso:
  • Funziona con Google Assistant:
  • Funziona con Amazon Alexa:
  • Facile da pulire:
  • Riconoscimento dei bordi:

Gestione energetica

  • Tecnologia batteria: Ioni di Litio
  • Capacità della batteria: 5200 mAh
  • Durata di funzionamento: 180 min
  • Consumi: 69 W
  • Ricaricabile:

Contenuto dell'imballo

  • Panno per pulizia:
  • Manuale dell'utente:
  • Cavo alimentazione incluso:

Dettagli tecnici

  • Supporto per app per cellulare:
  • Spazzole per la pulizia:
  • Spazzola lavapavimenti:
  • Potenza di aspirazione: 6000 Pa

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