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Staedtler 317-9 marcatore permanente Tipo di punta Nero

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  • Staedtler 317-9, Nero, Tipo di punta, Nero, Polipropilene (PP), Medio, 1 mm
  • Marca: Staedtler
  • Venduto da: PagineGialle
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Venduto da: PagineGialle

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Descrizione completa

-Design awarded universal pen for use on overhead film and almost all surfaces; S and M also suitable for use on CDs/DVDs.
-DRY SAFE: The pen can be left uncapped for days without drying up (test ISO 554).
-Airplane-safe: An automatic pressure equalization prevents the pen from leaking on board aircraft.
-Excellent smudge-proof and waterproof qualities on almost all surfaces.
-Dries in seconds, therefore ideal for left-handed users.
-Permanent, low-odour ink.
-Superb colour brilliancy.
-Black, yellow, orange and brown are lightfast.
-Black is weatherproof.
-With clip.
-PP barrel and cap guarantee long service life.
-Easy to refill with refill station 487 17.
-Stand-up STAEDTLER box.
-Line width M.

One for all
Ideal for marking and labelling almost all surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, film, glass, plastic, metal, leather, stone, porcelain, wood or polystyrene.

STAEDTLER Lumocolor permanent universal pens excel by their high level of lightfastness:
Writing is still clearly legible years later!

Our Lumocolor universal pens' airplane-safe feature provides an automatic pressure equalisation which prevents the pen from leakage while you are on the plane.

The end of dried-up pens and markers!

When creativity is fl owing along smoothly, it sometimes happens that pens or markers don’t get recapped right away. STAEDTLER’s innovative DRY SAFE ink technology makes it possible for our pens to lie uncapped for days at a time, without drying up.

As such, the service life is increased considerably.

Refill station
Off you go!
Simply insert your pen into the refill station, minutes later it is ready for use, after 3-4 hours it is completely refilled.
An overfilling is impossible as the pen can only draw its own maximum ink content out of the refill station.

efficient for ecology - STAEDTLER® acts ecologically and efficiently at the same time!
Efficient and environmentally safe - that's the idea!

-DRY SAFE: Our innovative ink technology makes it possible for our markers to lie uncapped for days at a time, without drying up. As such, the service life is increased considerably.
-The markers are free of environmentally harmful substances such as toluene and xylene.
-Locked tip: The marker's locked tip will hold up well under hand pressure.
-PP barrel and cap guarantee the marker's long service life as PP has a high resistance to ink evaporation.
-Economic and environmentally friendly: The markers are easy to refill using our STAEDTLER refill stations.
-Our unique stand-up STAEDTLER box is so handy and just as ecologically efficient: Without the need for additional external packaging, it serves as a practical storage box and clever pen holder at the same time.

Specifiche tecniche


  • Tipo di tappo: Tipo di punta
  • Colore penna: Nero
  • Colore del prodotto: Nero
  • Materiale della scocca: Polipropilene (PP)
  • Tipo di punto: Medio
  • Larhezza tratto (min): 1 mm
  • Ricaricabile:
  • Asciugatura rapida:
  • Resistente all'acqua:
  • Impermeabile:
  • Resistenti ai raggi ultravioletti (UV):
  • Paese di origine: Germania

Dettagli tecnici

  • Non contiene: Xilene, Toluene